Gabriel Cantele is a chartered psychologist


and has been working systemically with couples and individuals for several years offering interpersonal, relationship and psychosexual therapy.


He will help you choose the therapeutic framework that most suits your situation identifying and analyzing the redundant patterns of interpersonal communication and behaviour that may have become unproductive and destructive in the relationship.


He will help you setting goals and priorities both personally and jointly that will help change and resolve conflicts and misunderstandings in your relationship.



Contact me  on 07799768327 or email me at  for a free discussion on your issues and needs


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Life together is not always what one thought it was going to be.

Sometimes partners can become locked in untenable situations  that require the expertise of an external observer to help change the course of a recursive unproductive pattern of interaction.

Couple Therapy in Canary Wharf by

Chartered Psychologist